Original Copy is a friendly project created by Zlatko Djogić and Tomaž Šantl, which is spontaneously driven experimenting with audio and video documents. Each short video is supported by guest artists and is presented in unique circumstances.
- thecopyoriginal@gmail.com


OriginalCopy no.05: El misterio de Deso

Skateboarding and drawings by Deso
guest skaters: Aymeric Nocus, Nikola Racan, Robert Kos, Gregor Skok, Tomaž Šantl, Zlatko Djogić, Kupa, Jure Perko, Nikola Andrić
guest bass line: Julijan Erič
video was premiered on 5th edition of Vladimir film festival, 09. 18. 2015 in Fažana / Croatia


OriginalCopy no.04: The Pigeon

skateboarding: Igor Kragelj, Milan Stupar, Zlatko Djogić, Tomaž Šantl, Dean Gostimirović, Jure Perko, Aleš Mačkovšek
video was premiered at Riiba / Izola / 03. 20. 2015


OriginalCopy no.1 to no.3

Skateboarding: Igor Kragelj, Tadej Skrbiš, Talja Peral, Ali Jusović
The first three videos were presented in an abandoned factory Rog in the center of Ljubljana, 01/31/2014